1. What are Power Decals?

POWERDECAL™ is an innovative LED backlit logo for your vehicle window. Device turns on automatically while driving at night via sensor technology and shuts off after 2 minutes when parked; once installed you never need to touch it. POWERDECAL™ offers a clean exterior while maximizing visual impact with full color and contrast at night. POWERDECAL™ brightness works great in dark factory tinted windows. Easy installation with quality 3M adhesion material, just peel and stick, no tools required.

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ACTUAL LOGO SIZE:  4” Diameter lighted area.
Operates automatically ON and OFF via multiple sensor technology.
Simple installation with 3M VHB material; no tools required—just peel and stick.
Package comes with an extra set of mounting clips.
Soft blue indicator light lets you know when decal is lit from back side view.
Uses three standard AA Alkaline batteries; included.

2. What Power Decals do you have available?

We offer all NFL teams, all MLB teams, all NBA teams, all Hockey teams, select number of NASCAR drivers, and most  Colleges. We also offer specialty items such as the Susan G. Komen pink ribbon. Please feel free to contact us about any specific item you are looking for and we will look into it for you.

3. Can I buy Custom Power Decals?

Yes, to find out more information about our Custom Power Decals please click here. We also offer Custom Power Decals through our fundraising program. To read more about our 3 fundraising options click here.

Information and other Frequently Asked Questions

Product is delivered all inclusive with batteries and two sets of window mounting clips. Because this is a new product that functions uniquely, there might be questions on how to use. Below is information Q&A we consider important; if we missed anything feel free to email mail us product questions.

Q.I set switch to position and POWERDECALTM doesn't light up immediately, why?
A.POWERDECALTM is designed to only light up in darkness while driving (detecting vehicle motion).

Q. How does it turn on automatically?
A. POWERDECALTM has multiple sensor technologies so it first senses for darkness and then for vehicle motion. Device will light up only when both conditions are present.

Q. Can I test it before vehicle installation?
A. Yes. First remove Try-Me strip (pulling out firmly) and set switch to ON position. Test by placing device in dark environment (example: desk drawer), then rattle drawer to simulate movement. Open drawer, POWERDECALTM should be lighted. Make sure switch is set to ON position.

Q. Do I have to turn POWERDECALTM OFF?
A. No, once parked POWERDECALTM will shut OFF automatically after 2 minutes.

Q. How does it turn OFF automatically?
A. POWERDECALTM senses non-movement then it shuts off after 2 minutes.

Q. Why do I need the OFF position?
A. If for some reason you do not want the decal to light up while driving at night, you may shut device off.

Q. WINDOW CLIPS: Why do I have an extra set of window clips?
A. This is to make sure you can reinstall if you do not like original window placement.

Q. WINDOW CLIPS: Why don't my clips stick to window surface?
A. Window must be 100% clean (use rubbing alcohol to remove grease) and 100% dry before pressing window clips onto window surface (See #2 under trouble shooting, scroll down).

Q. WINDOW CLIPS: Can I re-stick the clip back onto a window once used?
A. No, for best results always use new window clips for mounting.

Q. Does POWERDECALTM work with tinted windows?
A. Yes, POWERDECALTM brightness glows right through dark factory tinted windows.

Q. What is the blue light located on lower backside of POWERDECALTM?
A. Blue light is an indicator light; if blue light is on the POWERDECALTM is ON.

Q. BATTERIES: How long do the batteries last?
A. The batteries will run for over 45 hours continuously; this means if used on average of 30 minutes per evening batteries will last over 3 months.

Q. What kind of batteries does POWERDECALTM use?
A. Device uses three standard AA alkaline batteries.

Q. How do I replace the batteries?
A. Battery door is located on the backside, simply press tab inward and lift off battery door.

Trouble Shooting

My POWERDECALTM doesn't turn on.
Make sure switch is set at ON position.
Device first senses for darkness and then vehicle movement before it lights up. Device will only light up if both conditions are present.
You may test by placing device in any dark environment, tap or shake device to simulate driving movement.

My POWERDECALTM window clips are not sticking to vehicle window.
If window has any cleaner residue from car wash this may cause a problem. Clean window surfaces using rubbing alcohol to remove any oil, grease, or residue and let dry 100%.
Always install in moderate non-humid temperature range of 50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
To reinstall make sure to use a new set of window mounting clips.

My POWERDECALTM doesn't shut OFF after 2 minutes once parked?
Simply reset by switching to OFF then ON position.

My POWERDECALTM is not as bright as when it was first purchased.
Replace with new batteries.

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